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Shipment Customization Instructions - Cellar Master (12 bottle member)

As a Cellar Master (12 bottle) member, you have the opportunity to customize your upcoming Signature Club Shipment.

Customization Instructions

Please follow the steps listed below and complete your online order selections by Monday, November 20.

  • LOGIN to your account.
  • Click on the ‘View Club List’
  • Click the blue 'Edit Club' button
  • Scroll down to the 'Club Choices' section
  • Select any additional bottles to complete your order
  • Update your contact information, if necessary
  • Click the blue 'Submit' button to finalize your order

Please note: The pre-selected shipment wines are currently in your order form. If you would like to trade out one of these wines, please reduce the quantity and select a new wine. A minimum of 12 bottles must be included in your shipment. Due to limited production, some wines are subject to availability.

Questions? Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or call 805-227-4812, option 1.