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Signature Club Shipment Customization Instructions - Sommelier Level (6 bottle)

As a Sommelier (6 bottle) member, you have the opportunity to customize three of your six wines for the upcoming Signature Club Spring Shipment.* Please see instructions below.

To partially customize your shipment, please follow the steps listed below and complete your online order selections by Friday, March 31.

  • Click here to login into your online account with your email address and password on file.
  • Click on the ‘View Club List’ link
  • Click the blue 'Edit Club' button
  • Scroll down to the 'Club Choices' section
  • Select a total of 6 bottles to complete your order
  • Update any info if necessary
  • Once completed, click on blue 'Submit' button to finalize your order

Please note: The pre-selected shipment wines (see below) are currently in your order form. If you would like to trade out one of these wines, please reduce the quantity by 1 and select a new wine. A minimum of six bottles and at least one of each pre-selected shipment wines must be included in your shipment.

Pre-Selected Spring Shipment

If you do not complete the online form, we will assume you would like the pre-selected shipment, which includes:

2014 Petite Sirah – Estate NEW RELEASE
2014 Petite Sirah – Creston Valley Vineyard NEW RELEASE
2016 Albariño – Huerhuero NEW RELEASE (Mixed Shipments Only)
2014 Zinfandel – Estate NEW RELEASE (Reds Only Shipments)

*Due to limited production, some wines are subject to availability.