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August 14, 2016 | Vina Robles

The Unconfirmed Celestial Significance of the Nef Family Crest

Owner Hans Nef was able to trace the Nef family tree back to 1417—but he was unable to verify the significance of the moon and star in the Nef family crest, which is seen on Vina Robles’ wine labels and elsewhere. He does have a pretty good theory, however. He says that he and his family members tend to be night owls, and he suspects that his ancestors might have spent a lot of time in the company of the moon and stars as well.

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Vina Robles
August 8, 2016 | Vina Robles

What is the difference between a variety and a varietal?

A lot of folks confuse these terms. One word refers to grapes, the other to wine. Varieties are types of grapes, i.e. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, Chardonnay grapes, Zinfandel grapes, etc. A varietal on the other hand is a wine that is labeled as being made from one grape variety, for example our Chardonnay – Santa Lucia Highlands.

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Vina Robles
August 2, 2016 | Vina Robles

Now Booking Weddings at the Pleasant Valley Vineyard Guesthouse

The Pleasant Valley Vineyard Wedding Package features an all outdoor ceremony and reception site for up to 150 guests as well as a two night stay at the recently renovated Vina Robles Guesthouse. Located only a few miles from Highways 46 East and 101 as well as downtown Paso Robles, Pleasant Valley Vineyard is intimately nestled amongst the rolling hills of San Miguel. Here, the sunset over the mountains and spectacular views of wine country will paint the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Click here to download the Vina Robles Wedding Brochure.

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Vina Robles
July 29, 2016 | Vina Robles

Why does wine give me headaches; sulfites, right?

False. Sulfites cause very severe allergic reactions in a small number of people, which is why there is a warning on the bottle, but sulfites do not cause headaches. Sulfites, which have antioxidant and antibacterial properties, naturally occur in all wine. White wines often have more sulfites than red because the tannins and flavonoids help to preserve red wines

The likely cause of wine headaches are the histamines. Red wines have more histamines because they exist in the skins of the grapes and red wines spend more time with the skins macerating to extract the pigments, tannins and flavors. Customers can try taking an antihistamine before drinking red wine. Another reason for a headache might be dehydration. Recommend drinking water alongside wine to curb those headaches.

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Vina Robles
July 28, 2016 | Vina Robles

Fair Food & Wine Pairings

Join Vina Robles Winery in uncorking the best fair food and wine pairing during this year’s California Mid State Fair.

Corndog lovers should reach for a crisp white wine such as the Vina Robles Viognier to complement the sweet breading and cut through the grease to cleanse the palate.

Another fair staple is the funnel cake. This year, top it with fresh strawberries and pair it with some Vina Robles Roseum – A dry and refreshing Rhone-style rose featuring strawberry and pomegranate aromas with hints of caramel.

Can’t decide between savory and sweet? Reach for some tasty chocolate covered bacon and pair it with a bold Syrah. Reach for Vina Robles’ full-bodied Syrée with dark fruit aromas and notes of mocha and spice for the perfect match.

All of these wines are available at our Hospitality Center and online through our online shop.

 “When in doubt…do what the winemaker would do: grab a beer”

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