Gift Set - Grappa

Gift Set - Grappa

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Available for purchase on-site in the Tasting Room or by phone 805-227-4812, option 1. Shipping is subject to our regulations for your state.

Grappa is of Italian origin and is made exclusively by distilling fermented grape skins and stems, also called pomace. Unique is the use of Petite Sirah pomace from our Jardine vineyards. Our grappa is completely handmade by one person and produced in small batches using one of the finest copper alambic stills in America which was created by a still maker in Bordeaux, France.

Vina Robles Grappa of Petite Sirah is a spirit that is not only remarkably smooth from its inception, but also extremely palatable, making it the perfect "digestivo" after dinner drink, or can be enjoyed by adding a few drops in espresso as "caffe corretto."

The Grappa Gift Set includes one 375ml-bottle of Vina Robles Grappa and two grappa glasses presented in a custom box with foam insert.