Creston Valley Vineyard overview

Creston Valley Vineyard

Creston Valley Vineyard is located near Creston, California, about 12 miles southeast of the city of Paso Robles. Here, the vines are planted on rolling hills, surrounded by pristine ranch land. The climate in Creston tends to be a bit cooler than the areas to the north, which allows for added hang time and flavor development in the fruit. The soils are shallow, shifting from clay loam to sandy loam, with rocky calcareous subsoils—a well-drained composition that naturally tames vine vigor.

Quick Facts

Year Planted: 2000-2021
Vineyard Acreage: 328 acres
Major Soils: Nacimiento-Los Osos complex
Balcom-Nacimiento association
Vine Spacing: 8x6 ft and 8x5 ft
Trellis: VSP (vertical shoot positioned)

Cabernet Sauvignon (61%)
Petit Verdot (5%)
Petite Sirah (4%)
Other (30%)

Creston Valley Vineyard Map

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