Jardine Vineyard at sunset

Jardine Vineyard

Jardine Vineyard lies several miles northeast of Huerhuero Vineyard, at the corner of Jardine and Tower roads north of Highway 46 East. Here, the growing conditions are slightly warmer, appealing particularly to Petite Sirah and Sauvignon Blanc. The soil is composed primarily of alluvial sandy loam, ultimately ensuring excellent drainage for low vine vigor and assertive flavor development.

Quick Facts

Year Planted: 1997 - 2000
Vineyard Acreage: 295 acres
Major Soils: Arbuckle-San Ysidro complex
Rincon clay loam
Vine Spacing: 8x6 ft
Trellis: VSP (vertical shoot positioned)
Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon (39%)
Sauvignon Blanc (32%)
Petite Sirah (13%)

Jardine Vineyard Map

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