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SIP Certification

SIP Certified is dedicated to the 3 P’s of Sustainability – People, Planet, Prosperity. We are committed to our ‘3 P’ approach, ensuring that both natural and human resources are protected, all of which means you can enjoy wine that has been grown for the greater good.

Since 2012, all estate vineyards are Sustainability In Practice (SIP) certified. Sustainable viticultural methods include cover crops for erosion control, owl boxes for rodent control, native oak tree retention for ecosystem balance, planting to drought resistant rootstock, and advanced irrigation systems for water conservation. Irrigation management plays a big role in the vineyard management program. Under the estate conditions of low annual rainfall and well-draining soils, vine and fruit growth can be precisely guided by timely irrigation. Shoot and crop thinning are also actively employed to create a balanced fruiting zone.

For more information about the SIP program, please visit www.sipcertified.org