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Vina Robles Jardine Vineyard
Vina Robles Jardine Court

Vineyards & Winemaking

The Vina Robles vineyard team takes care of our vineyards, targeting only the finest blocks from each site for the production of Vina Robles wines.

From the soaring, fog-kissed coastal mountains west of Paso Robles to the dry, rugged slopes east of the Salinas River, our vineyards reflect the wondrous diversity of the Paso Robles appellation, ultimately enabling us to capture a wide range of nuance and complexity in the wines.

Since 2012, all estate vineyards are Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certified. To learn more about the rigurous certification program, click here.


Huerhuero Vineyard Jardine Vineyard Creston Valley Vineyard Pleasant Valley Vineyard Terra Bella Vineyard Adelaida Springs Ranch Vineyard



Under the guidance of Winemaker Kevin Willenborg, our wines are made in a style that combines rich California fruit with a sense of balance that is more commonly found in the great wines of Europe. We strive for naturally made wines that are both powerful and harmonious.

Kevin is known for his great attention to detail and for working with the vines so that they express the true potential of the grape. Together with our vineyard team, he employs sustainable techniques to achieve the highest quality possible. Kevin explains: "Each wine has its own life. That life begins with the planting and development of the vines. It is then transferred from the earth through the vine as the grapes are harvested, crushed, fermented into wine and eventually bottled. The role of the winemaker is to respectfully steward this life with care and attention to detail."

Kevin's goal is to grow wines that completely translate the Paso Robles terroir into the bottle and let the true fruit qualities shine through in the wine. For this reason, he uses both subtle and discrete traditional as well as modern winemaking methods, in order to enhance the full expression of the grape. Furthermore, barrels are carefully selected from cooperages that are known for subtlety, and only low and medium toast levels are employed.

New Winery Construction

We are well on our way to being ready to receive fruit from the 2018 harvest at our new winery.

We broke ground and started construction of our new winery at our Huerhuero Vineyard in the Spring of 2017. It is a fitting milestone to mark our 20th anniversary, and promises to be the foundation of our next 20 years in Paso Robles. It’s been a long time coming, but the upside to waiting this long is that we get to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies that will help us make even better wine.

The state-of-the-art equipment we are installing will not only enhance wine quality, but also elevate our energy efficiency. Some of this equipment would have been unthinkable just 5 or 10 years ago, and a lot of it mirrors the mindset behind our sustainable vineyard practices. For example, the winery will be partially powered by a solar array, and innovative logic controllers will greatly reduce energy consumption. The winery will actually use less energy while generating its own power, ultimately minimizing its carbon footprint.

One thing I am particularly excited about is an optical grape sorter, one of just a few of its kind in Paso Robles. When our fruit is harvested and destemmed, each grape will be sent through the optical sorter, which will discard any compromised fruit with remarkable speed and accuracy. But not to worry, I have a habit of physically checking each tank myself every day, and that will not change. We will not rely wholly on technology, but will be able to use it to our utmost advantage.

I look forward to every harvest season, but with the new winery slated to be ready for the 2018 vintage, I absolutely can’t wait!

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