Outdoor table with wine bottle, glasses, and cheese plate

We want YOU to save on wine!

Vina Robles
July 1, 2016 | Vina Robles

We want YOU to save on wine!

Join us in celebrating Independence Day with some of our favorite summer wines! Take advantage of our RED, WHITE & ROSÉ 6-Pack because it will make for the perfect addition to festivities and summer barbeques.

This package includes two (2) bottles of each:

2013 RED4
regularly priced at $17/bottle

2015 WHITE4
regularly priced at $16/bottle

2015 Roseum - Huerhuero
regularly priced at $16/bottle

$78.40/retail; $68.60 Wine Club
regularly priced at $98.00

Offer expires Sunday, July 31. No substitutions.


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