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WIN-WIN | 20-20 Sitewide Sale, a benefit for the COVID-19 Community Response Project

Vina Robles
October 15, 2020 | Vina Robles

WIN-WIN | 20-20 Sitewide Sale, a benefit for the COVID-19 Community Response Project

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and families are now struggling more than ever to make ends meet, putting many on the verge of homelessness. Countless community members rely on a steady paycheck to pay utility bills, purchase groceries, and pay rent; many of them are now furloughed, have had their hours cut, or were laid off due to the pandemic. These folks aren’t just nameless statistics – they are our friends and neighbors – they are part of our community.

In order to help minimize this otherwise likely increase in local homelessness, we are supporting the COVID-19 Community Response Project put together by must! charities and the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance.

This assistance fund dissemination will be managed by the El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO), by building on its current experience with assistance funding and adding screening tools, as well as referral and intake procedures for those currently housed. Assistance will encompass more than just financial relief as case management will ensure clients' success and well-being in the program with an action plan, wrap-around support, and follow-up case management. Funding will result in far fewer homeless individuals and families than would otherwise be the case. This in turn will have positive economic and social impacts throughout our community, including less trauma, fewer dollars needed to support health and social service programs, an economy that rebounds more quickly, and a society with a stronger ethical foundation.

We feel this project will make a real difference and invite you to join us in our support. You can do that by participating in our WIN-WIN | 20-20 event, where you get 20% off, and we donate 20% of net proceeds to the COVID-19 Community Response Project. Alternatively, click here to donate directly. No matter how you choose to participate, must! charitiesensures that 100% of all donations go straight to the project.

WIN-WIN / 20-20 offer valid until October 31 or while supplies last.


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